We help you market your video so it reaches the right audience every time. We carefully consider the social media channels your video is aimed at, to make sure it is successful.


Now we bring the project together in post production. We really hone project carefully and ad effects, music and post production tools to make your project look beautiful.


Not every project is the same, but you’ll always get the best possible quality with our up to date HD/4k cameras.


Before we shoot, we always have a consultation session with you. We make a shoot plan about how we are going to tell your story.


Little Cloud is a digital media production company creating customised content tailored to your needs – if you want to record an event, document and exhibition, make a promotional film, or create a video for your blog or website, we can help…


 Whether you be a cultural institution, artist, artisan, business or organisation, we help you to get to the core of your story.

Whatever your situation, our consultation sessions will help to draw a map of how the story will be visualised, helping you to tailor it to the relevant media platform.