Brand Story Videos are the best way to show and tell your business story.

By weaving together your company's mission, history, and values into a powerful narrative, we create an emotional connection with your audience that goes beyond just product features. It's all about showing, not just telling, your unique story.

Video is the single most powerful tool your business can have. Whether you're in the food industry or building other businesses, your ideal clients need to know why to choose you. Strategic video marketing allows you to SHOW- not just tell- why your business exists, how you do things uniquely in your market, and why you're the best choice for your ideal clients.

What our clients have to say about us.

“We were delighted to work with Little Cloud Productions on our recent company video.
Karl and Nicola listened carefully to our brief and fully understood what we wanted. They helped with the creative planning, the message and delivered an end product that was very professional and well received.”
Pita Pit Dublin

Pita Pit, Dublin John Nevin, Director, Pita Pit

I spent a few weeks working with Karl & Nicola of Little Cloud Productions in which we created a brand for my company & developed the brand story together. I have now completely rebranded and I would not be at the point of launching the new business if it wasn’t for these guys helping along the way!

Rob Campbell CEO Bare North Media

“The time with Karl and Nicola was so invaluable. They are clearly so passionate and real about video, media and storytelling.
Thank you, Karl and Nicola, you made my dreams become reality!”

Equine Partnership CEO - Equine Partnership

“If you are looking to create promotional videos, brand story videos for your business or looking for advice on social media strategies then Little Cloud Productions would be definitely your best choice. Karl and Nicola are so knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. I would strongly recommend working with them. Very best of luck, Eva from Gaelic Escargot.”

Gaelic Escargot CEO, Gaelic Escargot, Eva Milka

Build more trust with video Testimonials

Testimonial videos are one of the quickest ways to build trust.  This will end a prospect's debate on whether you are right for them. We don't just let people talk - we ask questions to get them to tell us why your business solved a problem for them. We find the connection points from your existing customers to your potential customers.

Video testimonials from clients

Linda Meakin-Halcyon Group

Danny Desmond-Select Recruitment

Jamie O”Rourke-FSM

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

 Clients and potential employees will have an emotional connection with your business. Your "why" sets you apart from competitors and is a tool for attracting better customers and bigger clients. The "why" behind your business is important and it should be shared with customers as soon as possible.

It's not "what" you sell, it's "why".

Services that we offer

Brand Story Videos

Our signature Brand Story Videos distil the most powerful elements of your business into a 2-3 minute video that can be seen by anyone, anywhere on any device. We cover the who, why, what and how in this powerful video asset.

Testimonial Videos

It can be difficult to convince new customers that what you offer can impact them positively. Customer testimonials are one of the most effective ways of proving that your product or service is worth your customers' time, money and energy.

Service Spot Light Videos

Short videos can explain your services in more in-depth than text can by showing + telling. Showing up in these videos builds more trust with your customers and helps them to understand your services more.

Brand Story Videos Explained.

Testimonial Videos Explained.

Service Spotlight Videos Explained.


FAQ's videos save both you and your customers time having read text, meaning you won't be swamped with calls asking the same questions over and over.

Training videos

Training videos save business owners a huge amount of time and effort in educating and training in new staff. Product training videos are also very useful for businesses that don't have the time to be answering questions on an ongoing basis.

Custom video projects

Have an idea for a video but don't know where to start? We can help to figure out what video would work best for you and your business, diving deep to make sure that whatever projects we do they achieve their goals.

Brand Story Videos are more than just videos...

They'll change the way you do business forever!!

If you have a mission then you have a message. There is nothing more powerful, efficient, or effective for getting that message out than video. 72% of users prefer video to text, so if you aren't using video, you aren't communicating with your audience. And if you aren't communicating to your audience, you might as well be screaming at a wall. Most users just skim the text if it's too long. Here's a little test - Two happy dogs walking down a  road in Meath. Let us know if you saw this sentence and we'll gladly buy you coffee. If not, it's just further proof, and trust us, we'll bring it up on the call.

Want to know how to implement your brand story video for maximum results? Click here.

See for yourself, Brand Story Videos we made for our clients

Client: Meath Enterprise 



Client: South Dublin County Partnership



Client: Danny Desmond - Chapter One



Client: Chez Emily



Client: Newgrange Gold



Client: Food Surplus management



Client: Umac Systems



Client: Bia Solutions



Client: Artist - Vera McEvoy



Client: Equine Partnership



Some examples of testimonial videos we shot for clients

Client: Applied



Client: Bia Solutions




Nicola Lane and Karl Somers are the founders of Meath-based video strategy company Little Cloud Productions. They are passionate about helping local businesses to Thrive using the power of video strategy. ​They focus ​on creating only the types of strategic video assets ​they know work best to communicate your brand message at scale. ​

They've honed their process to plan, produce, and support your video project for optimal impact.



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