Want to know how you can grow your business faster?

How can i make my business grow faster?

There are two ways.
You apply to college, you study hard, you learn everything that you can and then you graduate. Then you go forth into the world and do the very best you can. That’s how most people do it, that’s how we did it.

But when we look at sports, for example, they all need coaches. Even the most talented athletes need to be coached. That’s what makes successful sportspeople.

It’s funny though, as far as we were concerned, (Nicola my partner and I) we were doing fine. We were experts in our field and never thought we required coaching. But there lies the problem. One doesn’t necessarily recognize the concerns that might be slowing you down and stopping you from improving and growing.

Just before the pandemic, we stumbled across the most talented #business coaches in our industry, and we were very surprised by what we learned.

Our entire business has now changed because of what we learned, and our learning now gets shared with every business we work with.

We learned that the secret to producing successful videos is not necessarily about flashy #video techniques. Instead, it is about listening to business owners' issues and asking questions about their business and then knowing how to diagnose the problems and offer video solutions to solve the problems.

How to grow your business fast

The only way to make videos for a business is to make videos that serve a purpose and solve a problem. We also learned that helping business owners share their story using video, starting with their “why”, not only helps them save time explaining how their business works but helps their audience to understand them better. That has changed everything for us.

Helping business owners to be heard by helping them to share their story. Their “Why” is so significant, because most business owners don’t even think they have a story and also don’t know how to make that story visual.

As time marched on with this coaching and education, we realised that coaching and learning was an essential part of growth for our business in a subtle way. At times, I really remember feeling like I actually was finding it challenging to change and finding it difficult to actually find my own voice. This is quite significant. There were ups and downs, but as time went on, I embraced what I had learned.

We really appreciate the education we got from these video strategy coaches and the entire community, which has over eight thousand members, which is fairly significant. In our community, we continue to discuss video strategy, and we all learn from each other as we go forward. We share our concerns about the video world and continue learning about trends for social media. We can tease out problems without being judged.

So embrace change, don’t fear the new, and accept that you don’t know everything even if you are an expert. Business owners can learn a lot from using video strategies, especially by honing their stories. This is because not only is their legacy told in a succinct way, but that’s what connects with everyone they meet. Thus, they become known and liked and are remembered.

So if you want to grow your business faster, keep your ears open and be open to learning from others.

Who helped you grow over the years?