10 Best Videos To Boost Your Business In 2022

10 Best Videos To Boost Your Business



We know it can be a bit overwhelming thinking about which videos would be best for your business, so that’s why we made it easier for you, by creating this list of 10 best videos to boost your business.

Remember it’s about giving your customers value so that they feel educated and clearly understand your business.

We have put together a list of 10 videos that we think are essential right now. Of course, you might not want to use them all but we do recommend you use at least four on the list. Once you’ve dipped your toes in the water a few times then use the rest on the list.


1. Brand Story Videos

This video is essential because when a customer comes to your website, they want to be greeted by a person, preferably you the owner or someone who really represents the business very well. Introduce yourself to your audience in 2 minutes.
Guys, these videos will change the way you do business forever!

They are a game-changer because gone are the days where you have to spend 40-60 minutes explaining your business, how it works, what you do, and why.

They save so much time over the years. As we all know, no one buys anything these days or books a service without seeing a video 1st, but the Brand Story Video is not any old video, this is a video that introduces you, the owner, it lets your customers in, it shows the reality, the honesty, it tells a story, it answers questions, it has a call to action.

What happens is, that people no longer have questions, they just book your services or buy from, you without questions.

The video answers the questions and works on your behalf 24/7 nonstop, helping to boost your business!

2. Testimonial videos

Your business sells the problems it solves.
Now ask your clients to tell to the camera just how your business solved a problem for them.

Use these videos in your sales process to cut the process in half. Saving your staff, so much time explaining to the customer just how good a service is.
Use them on your website under your brand story video, above your service spotlight videos.

Don't leave customers guessing are these testimonials real, give them reality, and give them trust, boosting your business with videos they know are real!

3. Service Spotlight videos

We all know just how much time it takes business owners and sales teams to explain the many services a company offers.
We have solved that problem, with service spot-light videos.
Showing them the services in short videos helps the prospect to get an in-depth knowledge of the service, faster! Saving them time having to read through reams of text. Boosting business with videos that show how it all works!

4. FAQ’s videos

Save yourself time having to explain things over the phone or answering emails. Use FAQ's videos to do that work for you.

5. Onboarding videos

The employee onboarding video (also known as an orientation video) explains the company culture, provides a look at what employees can expect, and introduces them to their fellow employees.

6. Internal training videos

When you invest in training videos, you spend less on external factors, which can help keep costs down. The money you spend on creating your training video goes directly to creating the training material. After receiving your completed video(s), you do not need to pay anyone to provide the training or pay any travel expenses for your team.

7. Explainer videos

These videos are used to explain your business's products or services in an online marketing setting.

Your website's home page, landing page, or prominent product page is often where you place explainer videos.

8. Promotional videos

Videos that promote a marketing initiative, a sale, or an event is referred to as a promotional video. The style and tone of promo videos tend to be similar to a teaser video, which grabs the audience's attention and draws them in. You'd use these on social media to get people to your website.

9. Sales  videos

With video, you can demonstrate your business value and help your prospects take the next step. Sales videos are an excellent way to connect with prospects, convert opportunities, and close deals.

10. Teaser videos for social media

Using a teaser video is an excellent way to build anticipation, spread awareness, or hype up a new product or service. Again it's all about getting your audience excited about a service or product with a call to action that takes them to your website.

Is there a video in the list that you think would help your business?

So that are your 10 Best Videos To Boost Your Business, hope you get something from this.

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10 best videos to boost your business

10 Best Videos To Boost Your Business
10 Best Videos To Boost Your Business
10 Best Videos To Boost Your Business